Once you and I go into business and own and operate at least the businesses in our community, what we will be doing is developing a situation wherein, we will actually be able to create employment for the people in the community.

- Malcolm X

Welcome to The Black Wealth Bootcamp

Tired of living on the corporate plantation and begging others to give you economic opportunities?

Are you seeking to understand how money works to create a better life for yourself and those you love?

Welcome to what we like to refer to as "Intellectual Chocolate," the kind of knowledge and expertise you aren't going to find anywhere else.

$40,000+ Worth of Education & Resources at a Fraction of the Cost

Dr. Watkins’ former students paid upwards of $40,000 in tuition to learn the business and finance principles taught in the Black Wealth Bootcamp.

Fortunately, you will receive the same knowledge at a fraction of the cost by joining our virtual classroom. Your community needs you to be financially literate and Dr. Watkins is committed to sharing his expertise to empower growth in the Black community.

Let’s study hard and do our part to start the Black financial revolution today!

How It Works

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For five weeks, Dr. Watkins will host a web seminar (webinar) every Saturday morning.


These sessions are live, allowing you to raise your hand, ask questions, and even video-chat with him as if you were on-campus.

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If you can't make it to the live session, don't worry! You'll be able to access the recorded sessions and complete the course at your own pace.

What You Will Learn

  • How to fire your boss and get off the corporate plantation.
  • Financial habits you need to let go of right now.
  • Measuring your EEV (Economic Escape Velocity).
  • How people make money on the Internet.
  • How family structure is the key to building generational wealth.
  • How anyone can own a piece of America.
  • How to build your own Black Wall Street.
  • The COST model of Cooperative Economics.
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What You Will Get


Archive of How to Financial Webinars, Articles, & Ebooks


Access to Dr. Watkins in Real Time


Study & Take Home Materials


Exclusive Invite to Bootcamp Facebook Group


Certificate of Completion when finished.


Branded Black Wealth Bootcamp Notebook & Pen


Autographed Copy of “It Takes a Village to Raise the Bar.”


About Dr. Watkins

Dr Boyce Watkins is an internationally-known Finance scholar who was the ONLY African American in the world to earn a PhD in Finance during the year 2002. He was the Wall Street Journal Outstanding Graduating Senior in Finance and graduated with two degrees and a triple major in Finance, Economics and Business Management.

Dr Watkins has taught Finance for 20 years at The University of Kentucky, The Ohio State University, The University of Rochester, Indiana University and Syracuse University. He has been featured on CNN over 200 times, plus countless other national media including MSNBC,

The Breakfast Club and many others. In other words, he's not just a self-proclaimed "guru" with mysteriously ambiguous credentials. He's studied finance for 25 years at the highest levels, taught thousands of Financial experts, and was driven to create this class out of his intense love for the African American community. Most importantly, he knows how to explain money in a way that even a five year old can understand it.

+100's More!
  • November 5, 2016

    PM EST
  • November 12, 2016

    AM EST
  • Dates & Times of Classes
  • November 19, 2016

    AM EST
  • November 26, 2016

    AM EST
  • December 3, 2016

    AM EST
Dates & Times of Classes


"The seminar was really amazing. I felt so empowered to hear people speaking openly about what I've been thinking. Your advice so far has been eye opening and right on point!"


Bootcamp Student

"The Bootcamp was fantastic. I've already begun making MOVES toward generational wealth. Thank you."


Bootcamp Student

"I've been contemplating about building my own Agency for years but I've been afraid because I thought I needed the benefits of working in corporate America. This class has given me the courage and determination to RISE UP! Thank you sir!"


Bootcamp Student

Pricing Plans

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Package Features

  • Access to recorded lectures
  • Digital copy of Dr. Watkins' book, "Black American Money."
  • Access to live interactive lectures with Dr. Watkins.
  • Access to private Facebook group for bootcamp students.
  • A free paperback copy of "It Take a Village to Raise the Bar" by Dr. Watkins.
  • A certificate of completion after passing all course requirements.
  • Lifelong access to the Black Wealth Bootcamp Alumni Network
  • A free branded portfolio and pen as a welcome gift to The Black Wealth Bootcamp
  • All recorded lectures from previous bootcamps.
  • A one hour phone consultation with Dr. Boyce Watkins
  • Four one-hour coaching sessions with selected members of our financial consulting team.
  • Unlimited email access to our financial consulting team for the duration of the 5-week course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

) If I can’t attend class live, will be able to watch a recording of the lecture?

Yes. You’ll receive an email from a staff member with information on how to watch the recorded lecture concluding the live sessions.

) Can we ask questions during class sessions?

Yes, after Dr. Watkins finishes his lecture, he reserves time for questions. In addition, he has 90-minute office hours once a week (during the weekday) to address questions that were not answered during class.

) Can we get a copy of Dr. Watkins’ Powerpoint presentations?

Yes. Copies of the PowerPoint presentation are indefinitely stored under the “files” in the private group, “The Black Wealth Bootcamp” on Facebook.

) Do we have homework assignments?

Yes. Homework assignments are to be emailed to assignments@blackwealthbootcamp.com.

) Can I just take Lecture 4 instead of going through Lectures 1, 2, and 3?

No. Dr. Watkins designed the curriculum to be completed in sequential order. Thus you learn how to get into the mindset and lifestyle of financial independence in Lectures 1-3. Then you learn how to apply those principles to reach your goals in Lectures 4 and 5.

) If I pay one enrollment fee, can my family be apart of the bootcamp?

The enrollment fee for The Black Wealth Bootcamp covers one person per household. This means homework assignments, admission into the private Facebook group, and admission into the live lectures are for the individual who paid the enrollment fee for the bootcamp. If you’re interested information about group fees and family rates, please contact Maria Lloyd at Maria@WatkinsMediaGroup.com.